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Download KingoRoot For Pc which is a free application for windows. It is mainly used to rooting android phones and you can almost root any android phone with the help of this application. KingoRoot is available in 32 bit and 64 bit for windows 7, 8, 10. download now.

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Download KingoRoot For Windows Overview

Download KingoRoot for pc which is a free software for rooting android phones if you don’t know what rooting is then you can read about it below. if you already know about it then you can skip the first section and read all about kingRoot for pc.

What is Rooting?

When we buy a brand new phone, it comes with some security restrictions by the company which has created it. These restrictions are made to make your smartphone secure. when you root your android phone, your device gets unlocked and the security gets removed, after rooting you can do whatever you want in your android phone for e.g changing fonts, viewing saved wifi passwords, etc.

Rooting enables you to use an android device to its fullest but remember, that after rooting an android phone the warranty of your phone gets ended. Also, rooted phones are more vulnerable for cyber attackers and they can do anything if your device somehow gets infiltrated.

Download KingoRoot For PC

KingoRoot is a software developed by, it is mostly used to install root on phones which are non-rooted. The reason why you should use king root is that it is the easiest way to install root and superuser on any android device. It is also known as the One-click root tool because it roots your phone in one click. If in future you make your mind to uninstall root functionality from your phone, this software enables you to uninstall root easily within a few clicks.


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One-Click Root

Before this software rooting an android phone was a hard process and people were afraid of doing it because of the long process. But since kingoRoot has released, it made rooting easy and This is the most popular one-click root tool. You can literally install root on your phone with one click.

Increase In Speed

Non-rooted devices are slower and many programs consume the ram of your phone. This rooting software comes up with a builtin speed optimizer for your smartphone which optimizes your phone and cleans RAM to speed it up.

Battery Optimization

The builtin android app of this software closes background running applications which consume more ram and battery to make your battery last longer. With the help of root and superuser permission, you can select applications that can run in the background.

Uninstall Built-In Applications

There are a lot of built-in apps on our phones which are not that much useful and only consuming space. You can remove them as the Kingoroot supersu allows you to easily remove any built-in application on your phone and free some space.

Change Appearance

After rooting your smartphone with the help of kingoRoot for pc one-touch app. You can easily customize the look and feel of the phone. You can change fonts, themes, and many other things easily.

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