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Getting Windows 10 pro official files is not easy these days. People are spreading pre-activated files and unofficial iso’s which can be harmful to your computer. Now you don’t have to worry because here on Fileforty you can download Windows 10 pro official ISO available with both versions 32-bit and 64-bit.

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About Windows 10 PRO

Windows 10 was released back in 2015, 3 years ago. It became very popular as it has the best design amongst all of the windows. The performance of windows 10 pro was pretty amazing for the PC’s with high processor and ram. Windows 10 pro is fast, simple and clean. It is the best operating system both for office workers and home users. The explorer and many other apps are almost the same just the design and speed is improved. Also, there are many new applications added to Windows 10 which were not there in win7 and win8.

New Taskbar Design

The first thing that is new to Windows 10 is the taskbar. It has a new design with a voice search assistant added. It has many new improvements as compared to Windows 8 which doesn’t have a start button.

There is also a notification icon added in the taskbar of windows 10 pro which shows notifications about viruses and apps.

On the right side, there is a task view button which shows you all the running task at once and you can close them if you need from there.

Store Added

Windows 10 has its own store from which you can buy or download many apps for free without any cost. You just have to log in your Microsoft account and you are good to go.

Windows Defender

Unlike Windows 7 and XP, Windows 10 Pro has now its own antivirus. The windows defender works the best and your windows don’t need any other external antivirus software to be installed. It works in the background looking for threats and viruses in your pc and deletes. If you try to open a file with a virus the windows defender deletes it without even letting it open.

Microsoft Edge Browser

microsoft discontinued the internet explorer and launched a new browser in windows 10 which is named as “Microsoft Edge”. This browser is fast and simple and contains almost all the options as other external browsers. This browser even claims to be faster than google chrome which is yet the fastest browser. So which one is the fastest? Check it out yourself and tell us in the comments.

 Discontinued Features in Windows 10 Pro

The previously available features that got discontinued are:

  • Windows Media Center – discontinued
  • Windows DVD player  – discontinued
  • One Drive built-in sync client  – discontinued
  • Your own choice for Updating Windows is finished.  – discontinued

New Windows 10 Features

Here below are the main features of Windows 10 (Pro + Enterprise).

  • Windows 10 Store and Universal Apps
  • Windows 10 browser: Microsoft Edge
  • Windows 10 Hello and security
  • Continuum Mode
  • Enhanced Search
  • Iconic Start Menu
  • Desktop Optimizations
  • Multitasking
  • Snipping Tool
  • Enhanced Snap View
  • Multiple Desktops
  • Windows 10 Cortana
  • Microsoft Passport
  • Multimedia and gaming
  • Windows 10 office
  • (Anti-virus) Windows 10 defender

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