Download Malware Hunter (Latest 2023) For Windows 11, 10, 8

Download Malware Hunter (Latest 2022) For Windows 11, 10, 8
Malware HunterFor Windows

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Download Malware Hunter for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It is a virus scanner that detects and removes viruses from your computer. This utility is not a full-fledged antivirus, because it does not have the functions inherent in traditional antivirus programs of active protection of the PC against virus threats (there is only a basic set of active functions). However, the program does a good job with its main task of handling infected files....

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App Specifications

File Size:
94.2 MB

Reasons To Download Malware Hunter

Malware Hunter is, first of all, a tool for scanning files and running processes for the presence of malicious code in them with subsequent automatic isolation of infected objects (blocking actions and/or placing them in quarantine). The most effective antivirus program copes with various types of adware/ spyware, rootkits, hijackers, and other types of Trojan viruses. It also detects potentially unwanted/dangerous programs that do not seem to pose any threat but may carry malicious code or perform any actions without the user’s knowledge.

The anti-malware program Malware Hunter provides 3 modes of scanning your computer:

  1. Quick scan. Checking critical system components – system executable files, dynamic libraries, etc. In this mode, the registry, standard system applications, automatically loading programs, device drivers, etc. are also scanned.
  2. Full scan. By and large, this mode is no different from the previous one, except for the fact that all files available on hard drives and connected external media are included in the scan.
  3. Custom scan. If you want to scan a specific folder or drive for viruses, you can do so by running Custom Scan mode.

In addition, Malware Hunter has 4 active protection features, but they are not available in the free version of the program:

  1. Protect USB drives. Automatic scanning of files copied from/to a USB flash drive (flash drives, phones, etc.).
  2. Scan files on save. Automatic blocking/deletion of infected files copied/downloaded to the computer from the outside.
  3. Scan files on opening. The function checks for malicious code in all running programs and opening files.
  4. Registry protection. Auto-block attempts by external programs to make changes to the registry. The lock is lifted if the user gives permission.

Of the paid functions, we also note the task scheduler, with which the user can set a schedule to run the scan in one mode or another (or all at once).

More Features

In addition to fighting viruses, Malware Hunter also offers:

  • Increase the performance (optimization) of the PC. The user can manually disable startup objects, scheduled tasks, system services, and plug-ins. In addition, Malware Hunter allows you to optimize your computer’s network settings to speed up network access.
  • Cleaning disks from the garbage. The function scans the registry, system directories, installation folders of user applications, and other objects in order to find and delete unnecessary files, registry entries, etc.

Both of these features are also available in the free version of Malware Hunter.

Malware Hunter Pro Price

To unlock the paid features of Malware Hunter, the user will need to subscribe to the program. At the time of writing the review, the subscription price was around $29 / year for one computer.

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