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Here you can download PDF Commander program which is designed to edit and convert PDFs, as well as encrypt sensitive documents. It has a well-thought-out interface with simple controls. The software is regularly updated, and is suitable for users of any level....

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App Specifications

File Size:
19 MB

Features Of PDF Commander

Convert Photos To PDF With PDF Commander

The application will allow you to reformat the document completely or extract individual pages from it. You can convert JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and vector images to PDF.

In the editor, you can also translate PDFs into other extensions. Pages are easy to convert:

  • in JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EPS, WMF or EMF images,
  • to HTML files,
  • to TXT text documents.

Combine Multiple Items Into A Single Document

PDF Commander allows you to combine multiple images or pages into a single document. You can specify any number of files from the hard disk, customize the sequence of displaying elements, remove unnecessary sheets from multi-page materials.

Edit PDF Books, Reports, Layouts

In the editor, you can adjust the sequence of pages, remove unnecessary sheets, rotate them 90 degrees, crop margins. It is also possible to create a blank page and fill it with any information.

On top of the sheet, you can add photos from your computer, adjust their size and angle of inclination. The program will allow you to overlay the text and choose the font, the size of the characters, the color of the fill, the style of the style. The inscription can be placed anywhere.

The app also provides tools for drawing on top of pages. You can make a frame around the text using shapes, point to important information with an arrow, emphasize the place for the signature, etc.

Completion And Signing Of Official Forms And Contracts

When working with official forms, the program will allow you to enter information in empty fields, put ticks next to the necessary options, put dates. If you don’t have the space to add information, you can always create a type layer and place it anywhere on the worksheet.

The editor contains a function for digitally signing from a file or from scratch. You can draw your autograph with the mouse, adjust the thickness and color of the line, erase any flaws with an eraser. You can also upload a photo with a caption and duplicate the same stroke on each sheet in one click.

In the application you can put prints. Use the elements from the built-in collection and add stamps to the file with the inscriptions “Accepted”, “Duplicate”, “Copy is correct”, “Paid”, etc. You can also download your seals from your computer and place them on one or all pages.

Protect Documents From Hacking

PDF Commander will allow you to create an encrypted file that can only be opened with a password. It is possible to limit the viewing or editing of the material, enter the code with any number of characters and choose the type of protection, for example, a modern encryption algorithm 256 bit AES.

To specify authorship, you can modify the metadata. Specify the new date of creation and modification of the file, the name of the owner, set the title, subject and keywords.

If there is confidential information in the material, it is easy to overlap it with a black or white rectangle, as well as to wash it out. So from prying eyes you can hide any data – numbers, names, names of organizations, images, signatures, etc.

Reading And Commenting On E-books, Text Documents

PDF Commander is suitable for reading books, scientific research and other text documents. In the software, you can scale the pages, display one or two sheets on the screen, display the material on the entire display.

While reading, it is possible to bookmark certain pages and leave text notes. You can add comments anywhere on the worksheet, change the size of the item. If there is an interesting quote in the text, you can highlight it with any color from the palette.

Pros And Cons Of PDF Commander


  • Simple and convieniet.
  • Comes with a lot of features and functionalities
  • Works with all versions of Windows.


  • the trial version is valid for a limited period of time.
  • to directly print documents from the program you need to buy a license.

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