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advanced identity protector download
Advanced Identity ProtectorFor Windows

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Advanced identity protector download for windows 10, 8, 7 latest version 2020. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of windows. This windows advanced identity protector tool is not only useful for storing user names and passwords and also it can improve your PC’s security.

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App Specifications

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Advanced Identity Protector Download Overview

The Advanced identity protector is a software that enables you to keep your private and important data safe. Keeping our sensitive data safe from getting lost or stolen is very important at this time.

In today’s time technology has got advanced and cyber attackers can get into your pc and access your sensitive data without your permission. But don’t worry you can protect your important data with this useful software named advanced identity protector.

This easy to use protection software comes with more than 10 features that can help you achieve full protection for your crucial information and save you some time in keeping up to date with all your online life.

How to use advanced identity protector

If you want to know how to use this security program then you should know that using this app is very simple.

First, you have to install this app on your computer by clicking the download button above. After the installation has completed, run the application and click Start Scan Now button to check for any hidden sensitive data traces.

This software looks up for privacy exposing traces such as emails, login forms, passwords, credit card information, phone information, etc. When AIP finds any of these traces, it shows you some options, you can either delete these traces or you can save them in the Vault which is pre-built in this software and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

After that it shows you the clean and organized result of the scan you ran, it’s up to you what you wanna store and what you want to delete. If you save anything in the vault, this app will let you create a password and then encrypt it so that no one except you can access it.



Safely Store Important Data

Advanced identity protector allows you to keep your private data safe such as emails, passwords, login forms, credit card information, phone numbers, etc. You can safely keep all the sensitive information in the vault.


Keep Confidential Info Securely

You can keep your credit card information, social security number information, passport information and other id information in the secret vault specially built for keeping id related information. This vault is specially built to prevent any id related theft and provide you with a secure environment to keep your ids.

The security level of this vault is simply not adequate. And because of that, there is the possibility that someone could steal your information, exploit it for financial gain and use it for malicious purposes.


Keep Your Credit Card Safe

Advanced identity protector enables you to protect your id card from online scams and cyber attackers. Many attackers can get into your PC and access files without your permission if they are not in the vault. You can store your credit card in the secure vault which will only be accessed by you and no one else.

This means that your identity and card details will not be compromised and it’s better to keep them in one place. You can then access your cards any time using a special password and do not need to put them openly in your PC.

Save Multiple Passwords

You can save multiple passwords of your multiple accounts in the vault and it will keep your passwords safe and protected. You can look into the vault for account passwords whenever you want to login somewhere.


System Requirements

  • Processor: No Special Requirements.
  • RAM: No Special Requirements.
  • Hard Disk Space: No Special Requirements.
  • Operating System:  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.


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