UltraSurf Download For PC (Latest Version) 2021

UltraSurf download for pc latest version
UltraSurf ProxyFor Windows

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UltraSurf download for Windows which is a free program that allows users from countries with Internet censorship to visit websites from anywhere in the world safely and freely.

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App Specifications

File Size:
2.89 MB

UltraSurf allows access to blocked pages in work centers, schools, universities, etc. It even allows users who reside outside the United States to enter restricted content for geographical reasons just like advanced identity protector and others.


UltraSurf download for pc latest version


It also serves to surf the web anonymously and privately, since the connection with the different servers is fully encrypted. In addition, once the program is closed, all navigation data is automatically deleted.

UltraSurf Download For PC Overview

UltraSurf download for PC is a small program with which you can hide our IP, thus being able to maintain anonymity when you browse the Internet and gain access to the contents that are normally restricted to our region. Thanks to this you will be able to reproduce the content of web pages such as BRAND, thus being able to reproduce their videos.

UltraSurf proxy was created by users residing in China – where the Internet is censored and closely controlled. The developers have achieved great success in helping the liberation of the Chinese people in the network.

The program works by connecting to a proxy server provided by application developers. The main UltraSurf proxy window shows three servers and shows their speed and availability. You can choose any of these servers according to your preferences.

The program is very easy to use, it works almost immediately when it is turned on, but the additional configuration allows you to customize some useful functions, such as the impact on Internet Explorer, delete history and cookies after browsing or configure additional proxies.

It is also worth mentioning that the program does not require prior installation, so you can copy it to a portable device (memory stick, for example) and always carry it with you. This is very useful when you want to maintain security and anonymity while using public networks and forums.

Navigate Without Any Trace

Developed by Ultrareach Internet Corp, UltraSurf is a handy tool to navigate safely and anonymously through a simple configuration. It is a portable application, without the need for additional tools that are not installed as standard on any personal computer.

Praised by users, this application advocates freedom and autonomy in the network, allowing the public to access content without any restriction, thanks to an established connection with a secure proxy .

Features Of UltraSurf Download For PC

Among its main features, you can highlight the possibility of navigating safely by keeping anonymity on the network, the elimination of data recorded by browsers, as well as a simple interface that makes it an easy-to-use application. When you download UltraSurf, you will verify that it does not include installation files, since the developers designed it to be comfortably portable, being small. In fact, the application is perfectly accessed from a USB port.

UltraSurf download for pc is a great software which is compatible with various browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, in addition to working as standard with Internet Explorer. Once it is executed, the application hides our IP address, hiding our true location, with the idea of ​​browsing in a much safer way.

It also allows us to encrypt our information on websites that do not have a secure connection, so that, through our new proxy, you can greatly increase the protection of our data. so what are you waiting for? start UltraSurf download for pc now.

No more censorship from our PC

The first time you run UltraSurf you can choose between three different connection options. These are several servers that provide an effective internet connection, avoiding possible censorship and geographical limitations that our local network may have. In this way, you can freely and freely access any website that exists on the network, provided it is in the public domain.

UltraSurf download ensures full security of our data and increases privacy by establishing an End-to-End connection without intermediaries. Thanks to this, you can prevent third parties from accessing our personal data for their own benefit.

Despite increasing security, it is advisable to continue using an antivirus that prevents our computer from being infected by malware when downloading files.

In short, if you need to jump over obstacles in your network or access certain websites while keeping your privacy safe, in Ultrasurf you will find a great ally, a transparent and simple to use application that will allow you to surf the internet without worrying about censorship.

System Requirements

  • Processor: 90Ghz or Faster
  • RAM: 16 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: No special requirements.
  • Operating System: All Windows operating systems.

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