AIMP Download (Latest 2023) For Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7

AIMP Download (Latest 2022) For Windows 11, 10, 8
AIMPFor Windows

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Here you can download AIMP latest version for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. AIMP is a program for playing audio files, as well as audio tracks from video files of supported formats and Internet radio (streaming audio). This is a completely free audio player for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems....

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AIMP Download Overview

The AIMP audio player is valued, first of all, for supporting a large number of audio formats – there are several dozen of them. Moreover, the user can expand the number of supported formats by installing the appropriate plugins/extensions.

AIMP is also able to play audio tracks from video files, which makes it possible, for example, to listen to music from video clips. The user can even create playlists consisting of both audio compositions and video files – the player “will not ask any questions.”

An additional advantage of the AIMP audio player is the support of Internet radio, i.e. streaming audio broadcast in real time over the network. And all that is required from the user to listen to radio stations is to add a link to the program (you can even just drag it with the mouse from the browser). In AIMP, you can add not only individual radio stations but also entire playlists in various popular formats, such as “.m3u”. Moreover, the playlist does not have to be stored on the computer – you can simply specify a link to it (we are talking about the so-called “self-updating playlists”).

AIMP Features

In addition to audio playback, aimp player has a number of user-friendly features, which include:

  • The ability to overlay various sound effects on the audio being played, such as “Echo”, “Horus” or “Reverb”. It is also possible to change the playback speed of files, and change the tempo and tone of the audio.
  • Built-in 20-band equalizer with many presets (can be created and saved manually).
  • Three modes of volume change – smooth, logarithmic and fine-compensating. Two functions of sound normalization are amplitude and “Replay Gain”. As well as an automatic function to remove silence – a signal whose level is lower than the value set by the user (by default – below -60 dB).
  • Possibility to extend the functionality of the AIMP audio player by importing plugins. These include decoders (expand the list of supported file formats), functional plug-ins (add new functions to the player such as spectral analysis of audio files), audio visualizers, and other varieties. Plugins can be downloaded from the official AIMP website or from other sources.
  • Possibility to record to a file the song currently playing, including Internet radio or streaming audio.
  • Maintaining a music library with the ability to fill in and edit all currently existing meta tags for audio compositions, assign ratings, assign them individual covers (in addition to the one assigned to the album as a whole), etc. It is also possible to create your own meta tags inside the music library (they are not recorded in the file itself).
  • A flexible system for grouping audio compositions by meta tags and user-created fields with the ability to select (filter) audio files by the values assigned to these fields.
  • Possibility to add many playlists at the same time and quickly switch between them. When you drag a folder with audio files into the program, it automatically becomes a playlist that can be saved to a file. The user can customize the text display of tracks in playlists in different ways (for example, you can add the values of any meta tags or meta tags created by the user from the music library to the song titles).
  • Ability to control the player by means of hotkeys created by the user. It is also possible to remotely control through Andriod and iOS gadgets, which requires the installation of the appropriate plug-in and application on a smartphone.
  • The presence of a task manager that allows you to automate the work of the AIMP player. For example, you can use the program as an alarm clock (playing music at a specified time) or as a means of recording radio broadcasts (recording begins and ends at a specified time).

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