Download BullZip PDF Printer (Latest 2023) For Windows 11, 10, 8

Download BullZip PDF Printer (Latest 2022) For Windows 11, 10, 8
BullZip PDF PrinterFor Windows

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Download BullZip PDF Printer for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It is a program for creating PDF files from various types of electronic documents, images, web pages, and any other sources that can be sent to print. The application is distributed free of charge for non-commercial use, however, the free version has some functional limitations....

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App Specifications

File Size:
42.6 MB

Reasons To Download BullZip PDF Printer

The main reason to download bullZip PDF Printer is to create PDF documents with different content (text, images, HTML content, etc.). As a data source, the application uses files that are generated by various applications before sending them for printing. It can be:

  • Any type of office documents, text files, etc.
  • Any type of image.
  • Various specialized file formats are used, for example, in CAD programs (drawings, flowcharts, etc.)
  • Any web pages opened in browsers, etc.

The ability to create PDF documents from the listed media types requires that the program in which a particular file is opened supports the function of sending it to print. However, even if it is not possible (send the file to print) in the case of a particular application, you can always take a screenshot of the window, and then send the resulting image to print using BullZip PDF Printer.

Essentially, the BullZip PDF Printer is a virtual printer. When you install the program in the appropriate section of the “Control Panel” of Windows, a new device will appear, no different from a regular printer. When sending a document/image/web page to print, the user just needs to select the virtual device of the same name created by BullZip PDF Printer as the printer. However, instead of printing on paper physically, the application will prompt you to save the file in PDF format to your hard drive.

Features Of BullZip PDF Printer

The functionality of the bullZip PDF Printer is represented by a variety of options and settings that allow users to define the properties and parameters of the output document. First of all, we note that BullZip PDF Printer is able to generate not only PDF documents but also files of other formats, namely BPM, EPS, DOC, JPEG, PCX, PNG, PS, TIFF, and TXT.

Here are some more useful features and functions of the bullZip PDF Printer:

  • Adjust the quality and zoom in on the output PDF.
  • Rotate pages and select orientation.
  • Select pdf compatibility level with PDF 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7.
  • Create documents in PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b, PDF/A-3b format.
  • Overlay and attach the virtually printed document to an existing PDF document.
  • Possibility to compress images placed in PDF documents.
  • Create compressed PDF documents for web viewing.
  • Apply customizable watermarks to all pages of a PDF document.
  • Digitally sign a document by attaching a certificate.
  • Setting a password to protect the document, as well as restricting access (only allowing/disabling subsequent printing).
  • The ability to execute a command from the command line and/or run an external program if the creation of a PDF document is successful and/or incorrect (or in any case).
  • Ability to automatically upload the created document to a remote FTP/SFTP/HTTP/HTTP server, as well as send it by e-mail.

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