Download Kdenlive (Latest 2023) For Windows 11, 10, 8

Download Kdenlive (Latest 2022) For Windows 11, 10, 8
KdenliveFor Windows

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Download Kdenlive for Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It is a program for editing and non-linear editing of video. It is open-source software that is distributed free of charge. This video editor is supported by all Windows operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit), and can also work offline. The interface of the program is available in multiple languages....

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App Specifications

File Size:
90.1 MB

Kdenlive Video Editor Overview

Kdenlive Video Editor features an extensive set of video effects, filters, and compositions, each with its own settings. In just a few clicks, the user can:

  • Change the color characteristics of a video by increasing/decreasing the intensity of a particular color, changing the brightness/contrast/saturation (both for the entire video image and only for certain colors), adjusting shadows/halftones/light, and much more.
  • Subtly adjust color and video using tools like Bézier Curves, Invert Colors, Hue, and more.
  • Apply one or more visual effects such as “Vignetting”, “Gradual appearance/attenuation of the video image”, “Graininess” and a number of others.
  • Style your video by applying Pixelization, Edge Glow, Sigmoidal Transition, Charcoal Pencil, etc. effects.
  • Transform a graphics card using the Rotation, Mirror, Crop, Distort, Distortion Correction, and more tools.
  • Impose transitions between individual parts of the video (in Kdenlive they are called “Compositions”), of which there is quite a large number in the program.

The Kdenlive editor also provides the user with various tools for working with sound:

  • The audio mixer allows you to change the volume levels of each of the audio channels individually from -50 dB to +24 dB.
  • The built-in sound recording module allows not only to record from a microphone or other sources but even to overlay sound on top of the audio track of the edited video.
  • The presence of various sound correction tools: normalization, amplification, attenuation, change of audio channels, insertion of silence, and others.
  • The ability to overlay on the sound of many (several dozen) customizable audio filters and effects.
  • Audio frequency visualization tools for sound research: viewing histograms, studying the shape of sound waves, a digital vectorscope, and others.

In Kdenlive, you can also work with subtitles, for which there is a separate module for their creation, editing, import, and export.

Reasons To Download Kdenlive

Multitrack Timeline

The multi-track timeline is convienient when working with multiple videos at the same time. The same video file can be easily divided into parts, which, in turn, can be arranged on different tracks and edited individually.

Ease Of Audio Separation

The audio component of the added video file is automatically located on a separate track of the timeline. In a few clicks, the user can separate the audio from the video, which will allow you to work with the audio separately.

Real-Time Results

When you apply effects and filters to a video, or when you change a number of visual parameters, the result is displayed in a separate area of the screen (in a separate video player). That is, the user can see the changes made by him in real-time, in parallel comparing the result with the original video.

Modern User Interface

Kdenlive’s flexible user interface allows you to show and hide various toolbar tools. A customized desktop layout can be saved to a file and then loaded at any time. Almost all functions, up to the call from the library and the location of video effects on the timeline, can be tied to hotkeys.

Great Performance

The program’s use of a video card and graphics accelerator (DirectX and OpenGL) increases the performance of resource-intensive video processing operations, provides instant application of video effects and/or changes in certain visual parameters (for example, color correction) of the video, and also contributes to fast video rewinding.

Automatic backup

Your project files are automatically backed up after every few minutes, and previous versions of the project file are also saved in case you need to go back to a previous version.

Editor Logs

The video editor logs the user’s actions, starting from the creation of the project. They can be viewed at any time in the corresponding program window. If necessary, the user can cancel several actions at once by clicking a couple of times on one of the items listed in the “Action Log” window.

Multiple Video Formats

Possibility to export videos in various formats with preliminary fine-tuning of the main quality parameters. Users also have the ability to download new profiles directly inside the program, defining the format and parameters of the exported video.

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