Download Yandex Browser (Latest 2023) For Windows 11, 10, 8

Download Yandex Browser (Latest 2022) For Windows 11, 10, 8
Yandex BrowserFor Windows

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Yandex Browser is a convenient and fast Internet browser based on the open-source code of Chromium. For first time the program was introduced in 2012 and during this time managed to win an audience of 24 million users around the globe....

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Yandex Browser is a convenient and fast Internet browser created on the basis of the open-source browser called Chromium. For first time the program was introduced in 2012 and during this time managed to gain audience of more than 24 million users around the globe.

Features Of Yandex Browser:

Smart Search.

The field for entering the site address (omnibox) is now used as a search. When entering a search query, Yandex Browser analyzes your previous queries and offers useful hints.

Turbo Mode

Turbo mode allows you to increase the loading speed of a web page. This mode works by compressesing pictures and videos, inrorder to load sites faster.

Voice Assistant Alice

Alice is a built-in smart assistant in the Browser. It not only helps you with getting informations from the internet, weather updates, dinning places, conversating, but also helps in opening files in PC & changing settings.

Password Generator

Yandex Browser comes with a Built-in password generator helps you generator stronger passwords, saves and synchronizes them between devices.

Yandex Zen

In a new tab, the Zen personal recommendations feed is now available, in which you can read interesting articles and news without going to other sites.

New Download Indicator

A download indicator is present next to the Smart Line to easily track the download process. There is also a counter for downloaded files that are not yet viewed, for the convenience of their analysis.


A scoreboard is a tile with links to the most frequently visited sites. For known resources, the necessary information is displayed: the number of unread messages, weather, traffic jams, and others.


The browser from Yandex has a built-in translator Promt, in which 14 languages are available. Web pages are translated quickly and correctly. To translate only one word, you need to hover the cursor over it and press the Shift button.


Yandex Browser scans websites and downloads for viruses and malware using Protect technology. Also, it protects all personal information, bank card data, and passwords using technology based on machine intelligence.


Yandex Browser saves your settings, bookmarks, passwords and other data so that you can use them on any computer. To do this, just log in to your yandex profile.


Yandex cares about users and their comfort when using the browser. With Yandex Browser you can quickly find the right sites, get the information you need and save your time.

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