HP Battery Check Free Download v4.1 For Windows

hp battery check free download
HP Battery Check For Windows

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Are you Facing issues with the battery of your hp laptop? Or the battery is not charging properly or not providing the estimated backup time? Don’t worry, HP has provided HP Battery Check software so that you can check if your battery health or okay, or it will tell you if it needs to be replaced.

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HP Battery Check Free Download Overview

Never change your battery before knowing that what’s the actual problem. If you are facing any kind of problems regarding the battery of your HP laptop this tool can be helpful for you. Hp battery checks free download now which is a very easy tool to use. The purpose of this software is to check and verify that the batteries of your HP laptop are working correctly or not.


hp battery check free download


If your battery charging late or it is not charging then maybe it is not the problem with your battery, there is a chance that maybe your adapter is not working properly. so it is important to do a battery check to be sure about what the problem is.

To check the battery of your laptop, you have to first connect the AC adapter with your laptop and your battery must be 50% charged.

If you try to run the test on a 5% battery or below then the HP Battery Check tool will give an error that tests as invalid. So make sure your battery is above 50% so that the test goes well. Hp also recommends charging the laptop for at least 30 minutes by putting in the AC cable and putting the laptop for rest. This ensures that the tool makes the test accurate.

After the test has been completed you will get one of the following messages:-

  • OK – This indicates the battery is working correctly.
  • Calibrate – This tells that the battery is functioning correctly, but it needs to be adjusted.
  • Replace – This indicates that your battery life has come to an end and it needs to be replaced.
  • No Battery – In case you don’t have a battery installed this message will appear.
  • Error – This appears when there is an error performing the test

System Requirements For HP Battery Check Free Download

  • Processor: Pentium IV or Higher
  • RAM: No special requirements
  • Hard Disk Space: No special requirements
  • Operating System: All windows

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